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About Us

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Our Mission

Be productive. Be efficient. Be dynamic

Information technology is integral to how businesses function in today's fast-paced world. However, many businesses don’t utilise it to its full potential.

It’s still often seen as a costly necessity allowing you to carry out day-to day tasks, instead of a host of technologies that can help leverage business opportunities and potential.

Here at 3Link IT Solutions, we believe that with the right expertise and support, a business can be more productive, efficient and dynamic. That understanding is at the heart of the services we provide to our clients, ensuring they can realise the benefits that technology can provide without having to worry about how to best implement and support it.

To our clients, we aren’t simply an IT service, we are part of the team.

Stephen Wake and Trevor Jones look at computer screen together.

Our Story

A small, but highly professional team, providing an exceptional service.

With years of experience in the IT, legal and education industries, Gilda, Trevor & Stephen noticed an evolution in how many SMB’s had begun to work.

Traditional office roles and working practices are giving way to a more mobile and agile approach.

Traditional service providers were still working around a very dated service desk method, often being impersonal and slow to react.

From this, a business idea was born: 3Link IT Solutions. Founded on the notion that businesses shouldn’t see their IT provider as a faceless and separate entity but as an extension of their own team.

Gilda Scarfe from 3 Link IT Solutions

Our Team

Trevor Jones

Trevor’s main areas of expertise are service
management and operational support, where he has successfully led teams of engineers in demanding corporate environments.

Gilda Scarfe

Gilda is experienced in applying best practice frameworks & methods and driving change management, business transformation, service transition, project strategies, strategy formulation & business benefit realisation.

Stephen Wake

Stephen aims to bring the best of initiatives to ensure 3Link have the processes, policies and skilled staff to deliver outstanding solutions and services to our clients.

3Link IT Solutions is a dynamic IT support and consultancy provider, based in Canterbury Kent, providing professional IT services for small to medium businesses from a wide range of industries.

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